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LWG035 German Jadgpanzer IV w/Shurtzen – 3rd SS PZ Division – Hungary 1945


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First Legion. World War II. Late War Germans. 1/30th scale (60mm)

LWG035 Jadgpanzer IV with customizable Shurtzen!  In Hungary during 1945, the Jagdpanzer IV played a crucial role as part of the German armored forces. Designed as a tank destroyer, the Jagdpanzer IV was armed with a potent 75mm main gun, mounted on a heavily armoured chassis and often equipped with side skirts, known as “Schürzen,” to provide additional protection against enemy anti-tank weapons. As the Allied forces advanced into Hungary, the Jagdpanzer IV units were deployed to counter the threat, engaging in fierce battles across the Hungarian landscape. Despite their effectiveness in combat, the Jagdpanzer IV units faced increasing logistical challenges and dwindling supplies as the war drew to a close, contributing to the eventual collapse of German defences in Hungary and the broader Eastern Front.
The model is made from a mixed media (resin, metal, plastic, brass,  photo etch, etc…)


– Opening/Closing Two Hatches
– Individual Photo Etch Steel Shurtzen, can be displayed with or without individual pieces for a customizable look
–  Raising/Lowering Gun Barrel
– Incredible Winter Camo Paint Scheme

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