VN183 (SE) U.S. Army ‘Dust-off’ HUEY


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King & Country. Vietnam. U.S. Army ‘Dust-off’ HUEY . 1/30th scale (60mm)

During the Vietnam War aeromedical evacuation units, commonly called ‘Dust-Offs’ evacuated a staggering 900,000 casualties from the battlefield.
The vast majority of these ‘Air Ambulances’ were reconfigured ‘HUEYS’ which were unarmed ‘Dust-Offs’ and could be airborne in just 3 minutes after receiving an emergency call and have their patients back in a field hospital with in 15 minutes from taking off from an LZ (Landing Zone).
Despite large and prominent red-crosses on the aircraft they often faced intense groundfire when trying to extract the wounded.
Although usually escorted by flying bodyguard ‘Gunships’ who would provide suppressing fire. ‘Dust-Offs’ would often still fly into hostile fire zones without escort when emergencies demanded it.
Time after time, these life-saving crews and their ‘HUEYS’ performed miracles in the most difficult of conditions and situations.

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