VN189 (SE) US Marines Corps ‘Troop Carrier ‘HUEY’


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King & Country. Vietnam. U.S. Army ‘Dust-off’ HUEY . 1/30th scale (60mm)

Another of the vital tasks of the UH-1 ‘HUEYS’ was delivering troops into battle and/or moving them forward onto forward firebases and other locations where the South Vietnamese road network was either inadequate or dangerously vulnerable to ground ambush.
The introduction of UH-1 ‘HUEYS’ into Vietnam in 1962 allowed U.S. commanders to move large numbers of troops rapidly throughout the country in a short space of time.
In the early days of the ‘HUEYS’ deployment these new helicopters would often surprise the Viet Cong enemy and force them to retreat which offered the opposing American and ARVN Troops a brief boost to their morale and fighting confidence.
All too soon alas, the V.C. came up with tactics and strategies to counter this new airborne threat and battle commenced once more.
This second UH-1D ‘HUEY’ is in U.S. Marine Corps markings and can accommodate a number of K&C’s ‘Grunts’ in the open cabin deck ready to do battle or perhaps move to another location.
This model also has pilot and co-pilot figures and the same sturdy, full-colour presentation box with its own numbered certificate.

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