Yes, finally the website is up and running

Hello to all our existing customers who have been asking for months when the new web site will be up and running and also new customers that have just found us.

Those of you that do not know, Maison Militaire ┬áhas changed ownership and has moved to Kent. I have been frantically uploading products onto the website (at the last count 1600 and counting), however, I still have a long way to go. If you know what you want and it is not listed on the site please either e-mail me or give me a ring (1pm – 10pm) any day. I will endeavour to list the remaining products as soon as I can.

Upcoming and pre-orders will be listed as soon as we have the details. As the site has just been launched can you please bear with me if there are problems. Can you also please let me know if there are any glaring mistakes , or anything that you want to see included.

Finally, thank you to the old Maison Militaire customers that have ordered from us already, if you intend to make this your first order from us then welcome to the family.